Our Team

Mike Janis

Mike started his business career with IBM after graduating from Princeton University with a BA in Business.

Since 1982, Mike has been a serial entrepreneur having started and managed 4 successful software companies in New Jersey. In 1997 and 1999, Mike was a finalist for the New Jersey “Entrepreneur of the Year”

He has bought and sold a number of companies and founded NJ Broker Plus, LLC to assist New jersey business owners to sell their businesses and qualified buyers to purchase a profitable business.

Matt Lyna

Matt graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers Business School with a BS in Supply Chain Management. He began his career in IT operations, in which he has succeeded and specialized in project management, data analysis and cost optimization on a global enterprise scale. His accomplishments range from developing global technology pricing models, to the execution of operating model transformations, which directly realized multi-million dollar cost savings.  

Matt’s strong interpersonal skills, business acumen and growth mindset are key traits that enable him to embody NJ Broker Plus’ values. Exceptional client service, attention to detail and a genuine passion for helping business owners achieve their goals are Matt’s guiding principles.

wendy corman bbp

Wendy Cormann

Wendy graduated from FIT with a BS in Marketing. Most of her career has been spent in the Digital Marketing realm working for companies like Advance Digital (Star Ledger / NJ.com) and Townsquare media (94.3 The Point / NJ 101.5).

Her main focus has always been to help small to medium sized business owners meet their marketing objectives; whether that be direct response, boost website traffic, or increase exposure to strengthen brand. Most recently, Wendy has worked with a variety of businesses to help increase cash flow and streamline their A/R process. Today, she spends most of her time marketing business opportunities and assisting business owners with the sale of their businesses.

Jack Cox

Jack brings over 40 years of business and management experience to Business Brokers Plus which is critical in transferring business ownership.

He concentrates on serving business owners, the business, and its stakeholders with growth strategies and intermediary/broker services.  He has worked both independently and in coordination with other M&A brokers and investment banking firms on sell-side transactions.

Prior to acting as a business intermediary, Jack has served in senior finance and operation roles in multiple industries, including large consumer electronics distributors, real estate, mortgage, insurance and franchise companies as well as a medical device start up. He began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked in offices in the United States and Australia.


John Ratkoski

After graduating Villanova University with a Mechanical Engineering Degree, John worked as an Aeronautical Engineer for a manufacturing concern in NY.

He always had his eye on his ultimate goal, a Wall Street career. John was fortunate that his dream came true and he worked for various Wall Street firms for about 30 years. He left Wall Street and worked as a financial adviser in the insurance and automotive industries.

Teddy Gross

Teddy studied Economics and Business at Cornell University. After graduating, he went directly to an investment bank focused on selling companies in the $10-100 million transaction price range. The companies spanned several industries, including building products, manufacturing, consumer retail, and healthcare services. Teddy was engaged in every stage of the deal process, preparing marketing materials, identifying potential buyers, conducting due diligence, and providing valuation analysis.

Hariom Bhatt

Hariom graduated from Montclair State University with a BS in Finance. His career started in banking at Chase Bank where he nurtured many valuable relationships with bankers, lenders, brokers, and business owners. After building his network in banking, his next venture was to gain corporate experience.

Hariom is a big picture individual that drives his work with the purpose of personal development so he decided to join a corporate with a culture of growth, Kumon North America Inc. With his understanding of business trends, real estate, and finance he uncovers growth opportunities for Kumon as a Strategy Analyst.

Hariom aims to assist his clients with buying and selling a business while delivering an unmatched level of client satisfaction