Business Broker Plus Consulting Services

Business Valuation:

Our team will prepare a Broker Opinion of Value outlining the Most Probable Selling price for your entity before you begin the process of selling your company.

Exit Planning

We will perform a company assessment measuring 8 key drivers of the business and identify which drivers could generate more value in the sale of the business.

Calculate an owner’s Personal Readiness to Exit Score (PREScore) which will help the business owner determine if they are ready to leave the business.

Calculate the Freedom Point. The Freedom Point is the financial net worth the business owner needs to comfortably retire. The gap between the Freedom Point and the amount of net worth the owner has available is called the wealth gap.

We will work to ensure that the business closes that wealth gap; otherwise, it is not time to sell that business. If it’s the latter, develop 90-day plans to address the reasons that are preventing the owner from selling the business.

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Are there aspects of the business that need to be improved? Does your personal plan need to be targeted so you are moving to something in retirement instead of simply walking away from a company you have built.

Startup Planning

If you are looking to buy a business and need assistance with the start up planning for buying the business, we will guide you through that process, including forecasting.

Other services might include:

CFO services where we serve as a remote CFO for your business. All books & records are kept with the business.

Search Acquisition where we would identify and preliminarily qualify companies for purchase and value that target company. It’s important you don’t buy a company until you have someone look at the company on your behalf. This can come in one of several varieties. A Quality of Earnings Report. A valuation of the numbers as presented.

Growth Advisory forecasting company growth and projections using a variety of metrics.

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