How To Sell A Transportation Business

Whether you are looking to sell a medical transportation business, a towing company, or junk hauling and waste management company, the experts at Business Brokers Plus can guide you through the entire process of selling a transportation business.

You are likely in the beginning, or pre-planning stages, of preparing to selling your transportation business. Maybe you’re wondering how much your company is worth? Since there’s a wide array of transportation businesses in the industry, it’s important to hire a business broker who has experience in selling a variety of businesses.

Finding The Right Broker

Business Brokers Plus has a large database of buyers seeking to purchase a transportation business.  From logistics to healthcare transportation, buyers are interested in purchasing different types of transportation businesses, including:

  • Trucking and Towing Companies
  • Moving & Shipping Businesses
  • Medical Transportation
  • Courier & Delivery
  • Trailer Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Overnight Delivery
  • Airport and Marine Services
  • Junk Hauling and Waste Management
  • Storage Facilities
  • Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing
  • Freight Forwarding

Hiring a professional business broker that understands your business is one of the first steps to ensure a seamless selling process. The professional brokers at Business Brokers Plus are here to sell your transportation business for the best price! Finding an expert in the industry who can help guide you through the process is essential for a successful transaction.

Business Valuation

After selecting the right business broker to assist you with your sale, the next step is the valuation of your transportation business. This will require some research and expertise from your transportation business broker, Business Brokers Plus.  We will begin gathering all of the necessary information needed to evaluate your business which starts with reviewing your financial documents. Current and historical P&L’s, tax returns, and a balance sheet are essential. These documents will determine the business cash flow and revenue trends. Once these documents are provided and analyzed, the experts at Business Brokers Plus can provide you with an asking price for your business that will result in attracting several quality buyer candidates.

Confidentially Marketing Your Business For Sale

Business Brokers Plus will work with you to create marketing documents and strategies for selling your transportation business. Our goal is to reach many prospective buyers for your business.  We will confidentially promote your business on a variety of targeted websites and social media platforms.  Business Brokers Plus will not provide any information to any potential buyer until they sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide financial qualifications, including proof of funds available to move forward with a purchase.

Negotiating the Purchase Price of a Transportation Business

At Business Brokers Plus, we strive to bring various offers from several financially qualified buyers so you can select the best candidate and financial structure that meets your goals. Our team works diligently to achieve the best offers at the highest purchase price possible. Our team of transportation business brokers takes pride in guiding you through the entire negotiation process with the least amount of stress.

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