How to Get the Most for Your Trucking and Logistics Company

Whether your business handles LTL Shipping, moving, junk removal, etc. Trucking and logistics companies are in high demand. The pandemic has created an increase in the number of shipments worldwide. This is perfect news if you are interested in selling your Trucking and Logistics business in New Jersey.

When it comes to selling it, there is plenty to be taken into consideration. Take a look at the tips below from our friends at Digital Exits and learn how to sell your business for maximum value.

Find Out How Much Your Trucking and Logistics Company is Worth

  • Gather all financial information from three years and compile it into a report.
  • Research your competition so you can give a detailed report to buyers.

It is imperative that you know the answers to the following questions:

  • What are your sales?
  • What is your profit?
  • What are the growth trends?
  • How you are driving new sales and is that sustainable?
  • What channels do new customers come from and what is the breakdown of each channel?
  • What is your market position?
  • Is the business located in a desirable location?
  • How reliant is the business on the owner?
  • What systems and processes are in place to run the business?

Tips to Increase Your Business Value

Of course you need to The number of trucks, employees, long distance jobs and growth potential are some aspects that makes your Trucking and Logistics Company business worth more.

The following elements can help improve your business value:

  • Predictable key drivers of new sales
  • Stable or growing traffic from diversified sources
  • Established suppliers of inventory with backup suppliers in place
  • Volume stats
  • High percentage of repeat visitors and repeat sales
  • Clean legal history
  • Brand with trademark, copyright or legal concerns
  • Documented systems and processes

What Is Your Trucking and Logistics Business Worth?

Check out this infographic to see.

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