Find the Value of Your Behavioral Health Business

Business Brokers Plus works with businesses in a variety of areas, including behavioral health. Our experience has given us some helpful tips in deciding how you should determine the value of your behavioral health business. Keep reading for some helpful things to know about your business’s value.

Your business is valued based on a number of factors. The main areas are:

  • Annual Profitability – Your business profitability is one of the primary selling factors for buyers.
  • Number of Providers – Buyers will want to know about your staff relationships, and that starts with the number of providers you have on staff.
  • Scalability – Buyers will want to be able to have room to grow as needed. That is why the prior element is important. A solid staff that has a great relationship with the practice will be a selling point.
  • How involved you are in the business and the overall strategy. Buyers will want to know the required amount of involvement that they will need to run the practice.
  • Owner Salary makes a difference to buyers because that ultimately affects profits.
  • Keeping your providers around and happy is important for buyers to understand the environment that they would be taking over.

We have experience bringing behavioral health business owners and potential buyers together. If you have any questions about how to sell your business, contact us today.