10 Reasons to Hire a Business Broker to Sell Your Business

Hiring a business broker has many benefits. We have compiled a list of what we feel are the top reasons that you should hire a business broker.

1. Focus on Your Business 
Selling a business is one of the most stressful and emotional events for a business owner. Imagine growing your business and then selling it to someone else. A business broker allows you to focus on running your business during the sale and will help separate you from certain parts of the deal. This will help to make it less stressful.

2. Business Brokers Can Determine the Value of Your Business
The goal of a business broker is to get you the most money possible for your business. We will evaluate your business to set a price to help sell your business and allow you to retire. Work with Business Brokers plus, and we will perform a business valuation and start the process of selling your business.

3. Confidentiality is Key
Keeping the sale of your business confidential is important. You never want to run the risk of having employees or customers find out you’re selling. It could adversely impact business performance.  At Business Brokers Plus, all promotion of the opportunity is anonymous.

4. Marketing Your Business 
A huge advantage of selling your business through a business broker is their existing connections and marketing processes. Marketing the sale of your business on your own can cost large sums of money without an effective return on investment. Effective marketing is a key reason to hire a business broker to sell your business.

5. Find the Best Buyer 
As mentioned above, we seek to find the most qualified buyer for your business. Many people shop around for acquisition opportunities. The tire kickers, as we call them. They typically will underbid your business and then try to re-sell it for profit, or they are completely unaware of your business’s functionality and will lead it to fail quickly. We want you to be happy with the sale of your business, so we find qualified buyers to make the transaction beneficial for both parties.

6. Aid the Buyer ing Getting Prequalified for a Loan
A majority of buyers are going to get a loan to be able to afford the purchase of your business. A business broker can help your buyer get prequalified for a loan, so you get paid when they buy your business. We have an extensive network of lenders that can also help give us feedback on the viability of a buyer being able to get funding for the sale.

7. Mediation of the Sale
A business broker acts as a mediator between you and the potential buyer during the course of the sale. We are knowledgeable about your business and we can view your business without emotion. This will help keep the negotiations on track. Our experience managing the sale of different businesses will also allow us to provide insight neither you nor the buyer has on the transaction.

8. Negotiation of the Sale 
Some business owners do not want to negotiate with the buyer. Sometimes they are unable due to availability, or they do not feel they are able to because of the emotions in selling their business. No matter the case, we can work with you and the buyer to make the sale complete. We can determine the best course of action with you and then negotiate with the buyer. We will then present the proposed contract of sale, and you can approve it, or we can discuss certain changes that you would like to be made.

9. Handle Questions 
There are many questions that you will have during the sale of your business. For instance, do you have a plan of exit and transition of the business to the new owner? A majority of business owners do not either, but that is where a business broker comes in.

10. Sell Your Business 
The primary reason to hire a business broker is to sell your business. There are business owners who decide to invest in the listing sites and try to sell their business on their own. There are many aspects that are involved in the sale of a business. Overlooking one element could cost you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from your selling price. A business broker can help you

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